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Fabian Del Valle studied computer sciences and marketing and customer/client services in college. His vital role as the law firm’s manager of Intellectual Property is critical in developing the early stages for corporate growth of enterprises that have a concept they wish to take to the marketplace, be it a copyrighted concept or a need to patent a technology or invention. Fabian has the capable hands and legal/business managerial experience to take an idea from concept to legal realty using all legal stages of new product development. His education in his fields of interests suit him well in developing our client’s new product business models as they require a hands on approach that Fabian gives or clients to see their own concepts or dreams into reality.

As an experienced specialist in systems and client services, Fabian can be relied upon to undertake all client projects from inception to fully licensed and into production phases, and he continues on from there to be an advisory resource for our clients.


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